ADP Marketplace Offers New Turnkey DailyPay Solution

ADP clients can now offer their employees instant access to their pay that is compliant in all 50 states

An innovator of the ages, ADP, who serves 1 in 6 Americans, has always been on the cutting edge making life simpler and easier for the leading companies it serves.

Craig Cohen, General Manager of ADP Marketplace details that flexible access to employee pay was in high demand from ADP clients due to the pressures from the employees. "DailyPay enables our customers to offer instant payments to their employees so that they an avoid late fees or payday loans," Craig said.

Through this highly anticipated ADP Marketplace integration, employers can now offer a fully comprehensive turnkey daily pay benefit that is fully compliant, adhering to all wage deductions and tax withholding laws. The best part is employers' don't have to worry about any changes to their current payroll process, including the timing of payroll funds.

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DailyPay is the chosen partner of payroll services such as ADP and Smarlinx and other HR technology providers who offer the daily pay benefit to their customers. Customers have reported that DailyPay increases employee engagement and retention and helps to support recruitment.  

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