ADP Makes A Bold Change

In December 2017, Walmart announced that it would run payroll daily. It was a bold …… but unrelatable move. The vast majority of companies lack the resources (and desire) to run payroll daily themselves.

Enter ADP.

Since 1949, ADP has led the world in payroll outsourcing.  An innovator for the ages, ADP has always been on the cutting edge of making life simpler and easier for leading companies.

69 years later, ADP’s at it again.  



Starting in October 2018, all ADP customers will now have the ability to offer daily pay to their employees. Through a state-of-the-art integration with DailyPay - the pioneer of instant access to earned wages - ADP Customers can offer instant access to wages at no cost to the employer.

ADP has built an inimitable franchise in doing the hard work of payroll on behalf of companies, so they don’t have to. And with this new offering, ADP is making it seamless for companies to offer daily pay.  


Learn more about how to offer DailyPay to your employees