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Ideas on Improving Employee Engagement and Retention

Michael Baer, Special Advisor, DailyPay

Michael Baer, with a career covering payroll issues for the past three decades, specializes in communication and compliance; he is an advocate to the payroll community for employees accessing pay when earned. Prior to DailyPay, Michael was managing editor at the Bloomberg subsidiary, Bloomberg Tax, where he was charged with overseeing BNA’s Payroll Library, developing the Payroll Decision Support Network and International Payroll Decision Support Network. All these products are now consolidated into one payroll offering on the Bloomberg Tax platform. Michael is a Certified Payroll Professional.

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Measuring the Growing Demand for the Daily Pay Benefit

Results from a recent Harris Poll show that 72% of responding employees want access to their pay on-demand, while only 6% actually have this access. That 66% gap means the #dailypaybenefit is on a high-growth curve.

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neo-payday lenders, compliance, daily pay benefit

Helping Payroll to Understand On-Demand Pay

With each new survey, employee desire for access to their accrued earnings before payday grows, along with retention rates for employers that implement the #dailypaybenefit. It’s a win-win.

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payday loan, neo-payday lenders, compliance, #dailypay

Payday Lenders Resist!

Buggy whips. That’s what I think of as I follow the drama that surrounds payday lending. 

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Employees Beware: The Dangers of Allowing Debiting

Many who want access to their pay before payday are told by providers that they need to allow access to the bank account where their payroll direct deposits are made. It may seem innocuous, and it is a legal and somewhat normal way of doing business nowadays, but there are pitfalls, and such a requirement should[...]

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constructive receipt

What’s Your Position on Constructive Receipt?

For those who are not in the payroll industry, “constructive receipt” may sound like a term of art used by tax accountants and payroll professionals. In short, constructive receipt on payday triggers liability for employers.  

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Inside the Payroll Leaders Conference


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Payroll’s Third Wave


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DailyPay enables your employees to access their pay before payday, empowering them to meet their financial goals. Employees that find financial security at your company stay longer, reducing your turnover and improving bottom line profits.

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