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Employees Stay Longer with DailyPay

Case Study: DoorDash Boosts Its Bottom Line and Reduces Employee Turnover

[UPDATE: As of July 2018, DoorDash and DailyPay are no longer partners, and DoorDash's daily pay program is now run by DoorDash. Please direct all customer support inquiries to Door Dash customer support.]


Employee churn and lack of engagement are a massive drawback for the company’s annual profits and tend to cause a dent in the bottom line.

The turnover rate can average 15% in most large and midsize companies and in industries relying on contract delivery drivers, sky-high rates averaging 300% are not uncommon.


Employee retention and engagement are expensive problems and some of the biggest challenges facing industries depending on a consistent flow of contract delivery drivers. It costs money to recruit and onboard new hires and whenever a company loses a driver, money is spent on recruiting and training the new employee.


DoorDash is a technology company using logistics services for on-demand food delivery relying primarily on driver supply. Drivers in the food delivery space show high turnover due to several employment options and physical labor-intensive skills are easily transferable to competing companies.


DoorDash partnered with DailyPay to improve:

  • Driver engagement and company loyalty
  • Driver retention in a market with a lot of competition and price

Click here to read the full case study.

Written by DailyPay

DailyPay, the leading provider of the daily pay benefit — a benefit offered through employers that allow employees to receive instant access to their earned income, works across a wide range of industries, including quick service restaurants, hospitality, retail, healthcare and other services. One in six Americans now has access to DailyPay through our trusted payroll service partners, including ADP, Paycor, SmartLinx, Netspend and other HR and payroll technology providers, who offer the daily pay product to their customers. With DailyPay, employees can pay bills on time and avoid late fees, helping them to reach their financial goals. Companies have reported that DailyPay increases employee engagement and retention and helps to support recruitment. DailyPay is backed by leading venture capital firms and world-class strategic investors. The company is headquartered in New York.

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Employees stay longer with DailyPay

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