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Ideas on Improving Employee Engagement and Retention

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Want the Best-In-Class On-Demand Pay Benefit? Here's What to Look For


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Updates from the 2019 Child Support Employer Symposium

Supporting the Work of the Office of Child Support Enforcement

DailyPay summary information was shared with conference participants in a welcome packet (pictured above)


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Payroll’s Third Wave


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[Webinar] Frequently Asked Questions About DailyPay

Josh Jackson, DailyPay’s Director of Product Marketing recently spoke with Felicia Cheek, Principal Advisor at Omnia Global Partners. Together, they answered some insightful questions about how DailyPay is leading the revolution for employee-centric pay.

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Utah-Based Call Center Deploys Unique Solution to Attract, Engage and Retain Employees


ROI Call Center Solutions — a Utah-based call center — was looking to improve its ability to attract and retain talent. So the company came to DailyPay to be able to offer a new financial wellness benefit that would boost employee engagement and increase retention.  

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Beware Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing


For the last 50 years, payroll has been a business-as-usual, set-in-stone, mechanical process that takes place on a predictable weekly, biweekly, semimonthly or monthly schedule. Workers, without any savings, who had an emergency or a bill due outside of the normal pay cycle have been forced to endure late and[...]

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DailyPay Sets Up $25,000 Relief Fund for Victims of Payroll Company Shutdown

DailyPay was founded on the belief that hard working Americans should have access to their pay whenever they want, and this includes on payday itself. We are shocked and dismayed at the MyPayrollHR shutdown and are committing $25,000 to pay for overdraft and/or late fees for those affected employees. Any employee[...]

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[Webinar] 5 Ways a Daily Pay Benefit Supports the Changing Workforce

As workers across the wage spectrum are demanding better benefits, increased flexibility and more fair labor practices, the daily pay benefit is becoming more attractive to both employees and employers.

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Frisch’s Restaurants Inc. Adds DailyPay to Its Voluntary Benefits Menu

Frisch’s Restaurants Inc. offers employees on-demand access 

to earned wages, whenever they need it


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3 Reasons Why Being at HR Tech is Important


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Employees stay longer with DailyPay

DailyPay enables your employees to access their pay before payday, empowering them to meet their financial goals. Employees that find financial security at your company stay longer, reducing your turnover and improving bottom line profits.

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