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Employee Retention, Employee Turnover

Turnover And Retention Rates for Millennials In The WorkPlace

In our previous article, we discussed employee retention rate by industry and looked at which industries have the best and worst employee turnover rates. In this article, we take a closer look at generational retention rates, and how the millennial generation fulfills and defies their job hopper stereotype.

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labor market

October Bureau of Labor Statistics: Unemployment, Job and Wage Growth

Last week, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released October’s ‘Employment Situation’ report. Highlights of the report show:

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Press Releases

DailyPay Joins ADP Marketplace to Equip Workers with Instant Access to Earned Wages

Today marks a major milestone for the daily pay benefits category and the payroll services industry at large.

ADP, the largest human resources management software and payroll company, today announced that DailyPay is joining the ADP Marketplace. This announcement further expands their product offering and franchise.

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hiring trends

The Hiring Landscape For The 2018 Holiday Season

The holiday season brings a reliable rush of consumerism every year.


To cover the influx of business, many industries beef up their workforce to fulfill the demand. Seasonal hiring has been a part of the HR and recruiting workload for years, but with record-low unemployment, and record-high turnover rates,[...]

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Employee Turnover

What Are Turnover And Retention Rates For The Caregiver Industry?

As one of the largest generational groups in U.S. history enters retirement age and beyond, caregivers are more in demand than ever. In order to keep up with the growing need, health facilities are reexamining the way they recruit and retain employees.


What does turnover look like in the caregiving industry and[...]

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Instant Pay

How Daily Access To Earned Wages Can Help With Unexpected Expenses

The Atlantic recently wrote a series of articles about Americans’ financial instability and highlighted that nearly half of Americans would have a hard time coming up with $400 to cover a sudden expense.

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Instant Pay

How On-Demand Pay Can Help Employees Budget Expenses Better

It’s no secret raising children is expensive.

The USDA’s ‘Cost of Raising a Child Calculator’ estimates a family will spend roughly $11,453 each year on their little bundle of joy when considering food, transportation, healthcare, education, clothing, and other basic necessities.
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What Ceridian’s New On-Demand Pay Means For the Industry

Ceridian announced yesterday that they will offer a real-time pay algorithm, called Dayforce On-Demand Pay, starting early next year.


With this news, they are elevating the daily pay benefits space and validating the exciting changes occurring in the payroll industry. This is a clear indicator in the market of[...]

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How Do Employees Use DailyPay? Student Loan Repayments

Recently, a story about Austin Wilson, a senior at the University of Kansas, circulated on the Internet.


As the story reads, Wilson needed $600 for rent in his new apartment, but he didn’t have the money. His money shortage wasn’t for lack of trying though.

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contact center

Contact Center Compliance Lessons from 2018 PACE Washington Summit

Staying up-to-date with compliance standards for contact centers is a priority for us here at DailyPay. After all, there are nearly 20 contact center organizations across the United States that now offer their employees DailyPay.


As such, it’s imperative we have insight—and foresight—into compliance and[...]

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