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Ideas on Improving Employee Engagement and Retention

DailyPay Offers Early Access To Earnings At No Charge To Those Impacted By Hurricane Florence

DailyPay exists to serve our partners and their employees by enabling financial security through instant access to earned wages. We will be waiving all fees and offer free access to earned wages for employees of our partners headquartered in the Carolinas as they recover from Hurricane Florence.

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Employee Retention, Turnover

Turnover And Retention Rates for QSR Businesses

In our previous article, we discussed employee retention rate by industry and looked at which industries have the best and worst employee retention rates. In this article, we take a closer look at the restaurant industry, which has a notoriously high turnover rate and low retention rate.


Fast food restaurants,[...]

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payroll benefits

An Instant Pay Technology Myth - Payroll Will Never Sign Off On This

In July 2018, DailyPay co-founder Rob Law shared 5 Myths About Instant Pay Technology with

In that article Rob debunks many common misconceptions about instant payments, like, "instant payment is just like a payday loan" (it's not), "My employees are fine with weekly pay" (they're not), or "Access to[...]

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What is the difference between employee turnover and employee attrition?

Employee churn is the best way to describe both employee turnover and attrition rates. What differentiates the two types of employee departures, what do they mean for your bottom line, and how can they be controlled?


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What we learned at CCW Executive Exchange: How to turn an ASA cycle from vicious to virtuous

At the 2018 Contact Center Week (CCW) Executive Exchange, the topic of average speed of answer (ASA) seemed to be top of mind for a lot of attendees. It was certainly a topic that came up during the roundtable discussion we moderated, which included:

  • Weslee Berke, Director of Customer Service for BOXED;
  • Michelle[...]
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enps, how to improve enps, Turnover, what is enps

What is an Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) and How Does it Impact your Bottom Line?

Many businesses deploy a net promoter score (NPS) survey which is an index that measures the willingness of customers to recommend a company's products or services to others. There is value in learning how others perceive your products and their loyalty to the brand, and companies often make fundamental changes[...]

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With new technology comes new fraud for the QSR industry

With the rise of new and agile technology in the mobile industry, the potential for and evidence of fraud has also gone up.

There are two types of fraud that specifically have hit the quick service restaurant (QSR) vertical - customer fraud and employee fraud. In this article, we highlight two.


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What are on-demand payment solutions?

UPDATE: Ceridian has announced it will begin offering Dayforce On-Demand Pay starting in 2019. This move elevates the daily pay benefits space and validates the changes occurring in the payroll industry. Our CEO, Jason Lee, gives his thoughts on the Ceridian On-Demand Pay news.


The On-Demand Economy gives rise to[...]

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How Christian Horizons Used DailyPay to Improve Employee Engagement

Similar to many of their peers in the senior care industry, Christian Horizons was plagued by high employee turnover rates—the industry average is about 80-90%.


High turnover creates staffing gaps which lead to a multitude of issues:


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Changing Payroll Providers: How DialAmerica Integrated DailyPay With Ceridian

In 2017 DialAmerica decided it wanted to change payroll providers, which as any payroll manager knows, is no small feat.


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