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employee turnover

What Are Turnover And Retention Rates For The Caregiver Industry?

As one of the largest generational groups in U.S. history enters retirement age and beyond, caregivers are more in demand than ever. In order to keep up with the growing need, health facilities are reexamining the way they recruit and retain employees.


What does turnover look like in the caregiving industry and[...]

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employee turnover

Is Employee Turnover Preventable?

The 2017 Retention Report analyzed over 240,000 exit interviews to pinpoint exactly how preventable employee turnover is. Their study revealed that over 75% of the reasons employees left their jobs in 2016 were preventable.

The long answer is that employee turnover isn’t preventable if you don't understand why[...]

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Cost of turnover, employee attrition, Employee Retention, employee turnover

How To Reduce Employee Turnover and the Cost of Turnover

Monitoring and assigning a dollar figure to employee turnover is important for any business.

Researching the cost of turnover can be difficult because there are many qualitative and quantitative elements that go into determining the true cost of turnover for an organization. However, companies need to track[...]

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employee attrition, Employee Retention, employee turnover, financial wellness, Financial Wellness Benefit

5 Reasons Why Employees Quit

Employee turnover is expensive, and in many industries, the cost of losing good workers is rising. Tight labor markets, and young employees job hopping at an increased rate are two proven contributors to turnover increases. Turnover is a meaningful expense for companies who constantly have to recruit new employees[...]

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