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Improve Retention


Turnover and retention costs impact your bottom line

It's expensive when an employee quits.

So it's imperative that your company keeps turnover rates low and retention rates high.

How though?

In this short eBook, we provide:

  • the basics of turnover and retention
  • a simple way to estimate the cost of turnover
  • and an employee turnover checklist

We give you the insight and best practices from our partners, as well as some helpful tools like our turnover calculator and ENPS (employee net promoter score) article.

What is DailyPay?

"We brought on DailyPay to improve the lives of our employees, while the company benefits from those employees staying longer."

-Beth Boyce, Chief Financial Officer, Mt. Olympus


DailyPay is a voluntary, opt-in instant payment benefit that you can offer your employees at no cost to your company. Companies who have adopted DailyPay have seen, on average, a 41% reduction in turnover.

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