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Want to offer your employees instant pay?

Here’s what you need to know

An instant pay benefit provides your employees with access to earned wages when they need money, which can help with unexpected expenses, or bills that are due between payroll cycles. DailyPay is an instant payment app that lets employees make withdrawals (for a small fee) any time they want, rather than waiting for a bi-weekly paycheck.
Enterprise businesses like Walmart offer employees instant financial benefits so employees can access earned wages before payday.

The DailyPAYTM lets employees get instant access to their pay.

An app that lets your employees get paid daily

Instant pay is an alternative to payday loans

DailyPay is a payroll disbursement platform, offered as an optional employee benefit, that allows your workforce to withdraw earned wages before payday.

Instant payments mean smart spending

94% of DailyPay users self-report that they use instant payments to pay bills on time and avoid late fees.

A payroll benefit for financial wellness

An average user withdraws 1.2 times a week for $66 per transfer, or approximately 48% of their paycheck.


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From the Society for Human Resource Management:

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"The benefits of the instant pay option are twofold. The employee has more control over when and how they receive their pay, allowing them to meet any pressing financial obligations. For employers, when employees receive this benefit the data shows they tend to stay with the organization longer. Employers increasingly see this as a way to differentiate themselves in tight labor markets where there is flat wage growth." (SHRM.org, January 8, 2018)

A Better Way to Provide Financial Peace of Mind

For HR, payroll, or workforce management...

Companies that offer DailyPay:

  • Fill open positions 52% faster than organizations who don’t offer an instant payroll benefit
  • Experience an average of 41% reduction in attrition
  • Have more productive employees, 66.50% say they are motivated to work longer hours after being offered instant payment
Employees who use DailyPay can get their pay instantly, regardless of where they are in payroll.
HR Managers can offer employees a financial wellness benefit like Dailypay at no additional cost.

DailyPay users can get instant access to pay to pay bills and cover unexpected expenses.

...and for employees too!

In addition to access to earned but unpaid wages, the DailyPay app provides users with financial wellness tools, such as educational resources and savings plans.

  • 70% of users report that DailyPay helps them control finances better
  • 72% report that DailyPay has helped them feel more in control of finances


DailyPay users can use the payday app to withdraw money for vital expenses.

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Still not convinced?

More than 200 companies are using DailyPay, which means more than 250,000 employees have instant access to earned wages between payroll periods.
Read more about some of these forward-thinking businesses.

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