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  • August 14
  • 11:00am - 12:00pm EDT | 8:00am - 9:00am PDT

What will we cover?

Businesses across the United States are adapting to a new reality — that employees now expect to have instant access to their earned wages. What once seemed impossible — running more than 52 payroll cycles in a year — is now a reality with the advent of on-demand pay platforms.

But the rise of on-demand pay doesn’t mean the end of payroll as we know it. Quite the opposite — it’s a new era in which payroll professionals now hold the power to give employees the financial freedom they want and deserve.

On August 14th, DailyPay will sit down with one of the payroll industry’s leading experts — Felicia Cheek, Principal Advisor at Omnia GP — to discuss what changes are in store for payroll pros.

Topics include:

  • What signs should you look for that indicate your company is ready for on-demand pay

  • What implementation questions should you be asking of an on-demand pay provider

  • What regulation and compliance concerns should you have

  • How can you, as a VP of payroll, get company-wide buy-in for on-demand pay

  • And what payroll benefits can you expect to see after implementing an on-demand pay program

This hour-long webinar will feature a Q&A style discussion with Felicia to address questions gathered from the 2019 APA Congress, as well as live questions from the webinar audience.

So join us on August 14th as we sit down with Felicia and take a deep dive into how this tech revolution will usher in a brave new world of payroll.

About The Webinar Participants

felicia cheek headshot

Felicia Cheek

Principal Advisor, Omnia GP

For more than 25 years, Felicia Cheek has worked in HCM advisory roles providing strategic insight, metrics and best practices that position companies to achieve optimal performance in payroll. She has led and advised many multinational clients on their journey to top performance in payroll. Previously, she created a payroll performance study at The Hackett Group that was often referred to as the hallmark for payroll metrics and best practices.

kp headshot super super small

Karl Pawlewicz

Inbound Marketing Manager

As your host for the webinar, Karl will be facilitating discussion with Felicia while fielding questions from the audience to ensure that attendees get relevant, actionable information from the DailyPay webinar series guests.